ROUND UP: The Warwick Winter Tournament, 5th & 6th December 2015 

Warwick Based Segway Polo Teams Fought Until The Bitter End!

Last weekend, at St Nicholas Park in Warwick, saw the final in a series of four UK based Segway Polo tournaments of the year come to a close.  Since the sport was officially launched in the UK earlier this year in April, this fast hockey-cum-horse polo style of game has been taking the nation by storm and there are a growing number of teams training out of the UK’s main Segway Polo base in Warwick. 

Whilst the five home teams Warwick Knights, The PUDS, Warwick Allstars, Lichfield Lions and Famous Five fought hard to beat the visiting German team, The Hot Wheels Rat Pack, the overseas guests unfortunately had the stronger side.  Beating the Lichfield Lions, whose Captain is also Team England player Nathan Angell,  by a very narrow margin, with a score of 2:1, Hot Wheels Rat Pack scooped the first ever Warwick Winter Tournament to take back with them to Germany.  Coming third were the Warwick Knights sponsored by Knights of Middle England and Oxygen Graphics, whose Captain is UK Segway Polo Founder Mark Weller, followed by The Puds whose Captain is BBC Radio Norfolk presenter Nicky Price; Warwick Allstars sponsored by Hawkesford Estate Agency, whose Captain is Dave Cooling, and Famous Five whose Captain is Hertfordshire based Steve Day.

“I’m thrilled with the progress of all of our players and may the visiting teams enjoy their success whilst they still can…!” Mark Weller, Founder, UK Segway Polo and Captain of Warwick Knights.

“I am so happy to see how the spirit of Segway Polo is growing in the UK.   There was nothing but fair play, smiling faces and shining eyes from a group of addicted Segway Polo players playing their favourite sport and fighting hard for the trophy.  Unfortunately for the UK teams, we took the trophy to Germany, but it has to be said – it was an incredibly close final against the Lichfield Lions.” Olaf Funke, Captain of Hot Wheels Rat Pack and Chairman of the International Segway Polo Association (I.S.P.A.).

Commentated by TV presenter and ‘Face of British Polo’, Karl Ude-Martinez, with the prize giving presented by local MP Chris White, the Sunday was geared up to entertain spectators and judging on the vocal support throughout the finals, it’s clear to see support is growing for this new and exciting ‘Sport of Equals’, Segway Polo. 


UKSPA National Friendly Tournament, Sept 2015, Bristol

What an absolutely fantastic weekend… For those who stayed both days, a minimum of seven matches were played and some even played up to ten! There was so much Segway Polo, players spent more time gliding on their gyros than walking…a pleasure many had not encountered before;)

As the four teams battled it out on the Saturday to scoop the gold medals, there were some notable goals scored, but the man of the moment had to be Andy Burgess (also a polo player), who scored an incredible goal from the back line of the opposite end of the pitch – it didn’t even touch the ground before landing clean into the goal. This was quite something…! Needless to say, Cornwall Team came out on top once again, scoring a total of 27 goals over the course of the day. Their unstoppable team included Steve Farnell, Paul Jenkin, Andy Burgess, Paul McIntosh and Dan Horam.

Warwick Knights came 2nd with 13 goals, Warwick Allstars came 3rd scoring 9 goals and Famous Five came fourth, but kept up a tight defence right up to the very end.

The Sunday ‘mix in’ tournament saw everyone playing until their Segways literally ran out of battery life…Winning the Sunday games were Team B consisting of Damian Bevan, April Baron-Harrison, Richard Vijay and Jamie Day.

Memories were born, friendships were made and fun was had through and through! Looking forward to the next now…

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UK Segway Polo Tournament, April 2015, Rugby, Warwickshire
Victory for German Team at the UK’s Inaugural International Segway Polo Tournament

But Congratulations Awarded All Round…

At the UK’s inaugural International Segway Polo Tournament in the town of Rugby over the weekend, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April 2015, there was victory for one of the six German teams, yet congratulations from all to the five host country teams for achieving numerous goals throughout the tournament, given the UK’s recent entry to the sport.

Results As Follows:

1st        Balver Mammuts
2nd       Funky Move Turtles
3rd        Stockholm Saints
4th        Team Barbados
5th        Blade Pirates
6th        Balver Cavemen
7th             Blade Dragons
8th        Finn Devils
9th        Cornwall Segway Polo Team
10th      Dutch Dukes
11th      X-Turtles
12th      Team GB
13th      Segway Trip Polo Team
14th      Team England
15th      BBC Click
16th      Segway Events 

Teams from all around the world joined this inaugural tournament in the UK, visiting from as far as Barbados, Sweden, Finland, Holland Germany and Spain, to join the five British Teams: Cornwall Segway Polo Team, Segway Events, Team England, Team GB and even a team entry from the hit TV series BBC Click.  German Teams Balver Mammuts won the tournament, beating fellow German team Funky Move Turtles with a score of 2:1.

Sunday’s action packed afternoon featured a warm up act: a street dance performance by Impact Dance Studios’ 42 dancers aged between 6 and 21 years old, followed by an entertainment filled ‘Players’ Parade’, with the high octane matches being the main focus of the day and concluding with a prize presentation sponsored by Sweetas Cake Emporium, Yardley and Costco Coventry.  Horse Polo player and commentator Karl Ude-Martinez kept the spectators informed throughout the afternoon, whilst Olympic Gold Medallist Amy Williams revealed her versatility within the sports world in front of special guests including Barbados High Commissioner Guy Hewitt and Miss Caribbean, with Parliamentary Candidate for Rugby, Mark Pawsey, presenting the prizes.

“This sport is known as a ‘Sport of Equals’ for reasons clearly demonstrated over the weekend – it doesn’t matter what experience or fitness capabilities you have, Segway Polo is a sport which anyone can learn very quickly and to competition level too.  I’m also really proud that the British teams managed to do as well as they did, considering they were only introduced to the sport last year.”  Mark Weller, Coach and Founder of UK Segway Polo.

“It’s been an incredibly successful tournament overall and a great indicator of things to come in the UK.   Now it’s time for us to all focus on the World Cup just three months away and we are looking forward to the new British teams joining us.”  Olaf Funke, Chairman, I.S.P.A. (International Segway Polo Association) and Captain of Funky Move Turtles.

The five British Teams have now been invited to partake in the renowned World Cup tournament, the ‘Woz Challenge Cup’, named after Apple co-founder and Segway Polo player Steve Wozniak, being held in Cologne, Germany, 16th-19th July.

Sponsors of this tournament include Oxygen Graphics, Rugby Polo Club, Akuma Polo, Costco Wholesale, Yardley, Brownsover Hall Hotel, Sarah Horne, Joules, Dunchurch Park, Rugby Round Table, Rugby College, Fawsley Hall, SweetAs and Janus Photography.

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