Steven Wozniak, Silicon Valley Aftershocks Segway Polo Player and Co-Founder of Apple Inc: May 2015
“I’m really looking forward to partaking in my favourite pastime with old friends and am particularly interested to meet the new teams in the sport…It’s also great that the sport is being realised for what it is.  Aside from being fun and invigorating, it’s ultimately a ‘Sport of Equals’.”

Malcolm Freeman, MD of Oxygen Graphics, Chairman of Rugby Round Table & Team GB Player: June 2015
“I’ve had more fun than I expected while learning to play Segway Polo in the few months since I first stepped on a Segway. Being part of a team and learning new skills and tactics together has developed a passion and determination to become a great Segway Polo player.”

Mike Bushell, BBC Presenter: April 2015
“Rarely have I enjoyed a sport quite so much so quickly and Segway Polo is one to watch. It’s one where those of any fitness level can take part, making it suitable for various purposes such as recreational hobbies, corporate team building days or group parties.  It’s also one in which players can excel relatively quickly and with little experience, whilst it won’t break the bank.  This really is a Sport of Equals.”

Danny Tolhurst, Stratford-Upon-Avon: May 2015
“A work colleague told me there was a Segway Polo introductory session in Stratford and I jumped at the chance of having a go. I had seen the sport featured on BBC TV and thought looked fast, exciting and fun.  T
he 4 hour session I attended was great.  After mastering the important skill of getting on the Segway, we increased our confidence by learning how to steer, adjust speed and stop! 

Things became tougher we were given a mallet each and tried dribbling, but, with expert guidance, the group improved quickly. The match at the end of the session was a real thrill. Putting our new skills into practice was very rewarding and I was lucky enough to score a couple of excessively-celebrated goals. 

I can’t wait to give the sport another go and I dream of making the GB squad for a tournament in the future!

Anne & Pete Solomon, Stratford-Upon-Avon: May 2015
“I had such a brilliant time on Saturday at the Segway Polo training session!  The 4 hours flew by and I was surprised how easy the Segway was to control, it really is possible for anyone to master!  Even with a polo mallet in the one hand, it was still very intuitive. Just need a bit of work on the hitting technique but I can see that Mark would get the best out of any player. I look forward to Stratford pulling together its own local team!”

Nic Lee, Stratford-Upon-Avon: May 2015
“Segway Polo is something that anyone can get involved in; where you go from complete beginner to competitive team player in just a few hours. With the World Cup in Germany to aim for there was no better time to get match ready. From the try outs in Stratford there is a lot of potential for an English side to really perform at this year’s tournament.”

Claire O – Supatone September 14 –Audio Testimonial

Patricia C:  September 2014
“Absolutely brilliant!! So easy to learn (if unlike me you can stop laughing!) Can’t wait to do it again, the Segway team are amazingly professional, patient and friendly!!”

Penny W September 2014
“As a left handed person I had serious doubts, after a couple of training sessions, that I would be able to effectively play this right-handed sport, despite being hugely enthusiastic!
At Mark’s suggestion I had a single private coaching session; the drills and techniques that I was taught, along with Mark’s patience and encouragement made the difference between night and day to my game. I can now hit the ball effectively and with purpose without the need of strength and power.
…If I can play, anyone can!”

Andrew R September 2014
“Thanks Mark a great afternoon, we really enjoyed it. After 15 years of an annual boys weekend the feeling was it was one of the best activities we have done.”

Janice L September 2014
“What a brilliant night!!!”

BBC Radio Norfolk Presenter and Segway Polo Player Nicky Price 2015
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