Learn to Play Pocket Segway Polo: 3-A-Side….


New players are welcome and no experience is necessary, but all must complete the 90 minute Segway Polo crash course training session, which consists of:

  • 30 mins of basic Segway Polo handling with a focus on the ‘Game Rules’.
  • 60 mins Segway Polo training on the pitch, finishing with a Chukka (one period of a game)

Your team will be assesed during the 90 minutes as to whether you demonstrate a ‘play play ability’, following which you may progress onto a ‘Ladder’.  If you need asistance finding others to join your team , please contact us to help.


Guide to Game Rules
UK Segway Polo Association (UKSPA)

General Rules

  • Pocket Segway Polo is played on a boarded 5-a-side football pitch
  • There are 3 players on each team
  • The game is made up of 2 x 10 min Chukkas (periods)
  • The Goal Sizes are 8′ x 5′
  • The ball can be played off the side walls and where appropriate the back wall
  • If you hit the ball out the field of play a GOAL will be awarded to the other team
  • If your mallet gets caught in or damages the netting a GOAL will be awarded to the other team
  • Teams change ends after each chukka
  • Play is started at the beginning of each chukka by the referee bowling the ball in along the centre line
  • No contact is allowed
  • If you fall off your Segway, you face a 30 second ‘Sin Bin’
  • If you crash into someone, you face a 30 second ‘Sin Bin’
  • You may hook an opponent’s stick gently below waist height


If this style of game exites you, the next stage is to play in the tradional 5-a-side game on a larger pitch and undertake an Accreditation upgrade from 3-a-side play. See timetable for the Segway Polo sessions outside of London (these games are played on 1/2 of a hocky pitch).  Ask the organisers for more details.

NB Please note players must be aged over 16.  Players are advised to wear flat shoes and long sleeved tops.