Player’s Accreditation Course

  • To play in a practice, league or tournament you must possess the Player’s Accreditation
  • The Player’s Accreditation is granted once you have undergone the training course – during which you’ll be assessed as various stages.  Typically the required training is achieved between two to four hours, but depending on your natural skill level.
  • The Player’s Accreditation can otherwise be acquired during a ‘Team Experience’.
  • The training course can be achieved in just one day, or can be carried through over a number of weeks – depending on how quickly you wish to progress and costs from just £25 per person.
  • A Player’s Accreditation demonstrates an understanding of the rules and a demonstration of safe playing ability.
  • The majority of courses run in the Midlands, Hertfordshire and London, but if there is specific interest in another location, there may be opportunities to travel to you.
  • Please email to enquire into courses near you.

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Training Schedule

Each player will have their own Segway for the duration of the course. The Segways are not restricted in any way and you will be encouraged to explore their full potential in a safe and structured environment.

1) Learn how to ride the Segway in a quick, yet safe manner.
Training includes:

  • Introduction to the Segway
  • Getting on and off the Segway
  • How to control the Segway
  • Stopping quickly
  • Turning at speed
  • The stop turn
  • How to reduce the risk of injury in a fall
  • What to do when you are in a collision

Additionally, you’ll also learn specific mallet and ball handling techniques:

  • The correct (safe) way to hold the mallet
  • Swinging the mallet in a safe manner
  • Passing the ball
  • Dribbling the ball
  • Shooting the ball
  • Receiving the ball

Safe Game Play and Rules

  • The basic rules of the game
  • Positions
  • The bowl in
  • The hit in
  • The goal zone
  • Corners
  • Defence techniques
  • Attack techniques
  • The right of way
  • How to referee

2) Partake in a Practice Game

You will play a full practice game of 4 chukkas where you’ll have the opportunity to put all the skills learned during the training course.

3) Short Multiple Choice Test
Finishing off with a short easy test of the rules.