SEGWAY POLO: Private training trail now open to members of the public

  • UK Segway Polo is opening up its Warwick based player training trail to the public.
  • £60 per person for a 2 hour session.
  • You will be trained over time, how to ride the Segways in a safe confident manner to the limit of their abilities. Yes you can drift them and they will jump (a little.)
  • You can come on your own or as group up to 6 people. You will not have to share with another group.
  • Sessions can be run during daylight hours weekdays or weekend subject to availability. Email or call 07736 070864 letting us know when you would like to come and how many people.
  • You can also be trained for Segway Polo Certification at £25 per hour.  This will allow you to play Segway polo in Warwick or anywhere else in the world.

Whilst already popular throughout other European countries and USA, Segway Polo was established in the UK in 2014 and has been catapulted into the forefront of the new and alternative sports sector.  Since no specific fitness level is required to play, barely any age restrictions and with all equipment provided, it makes the sport accessible to all and a ‘Sport of Equals’.

Similar to horse polo, hockey and bicycle polo, the game is rapidly growing in popularity and particularly in its home county of Warwickshire.

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